A lunch box - i wish to try

A lunch box - i wish to try

Hi all, nowadays the weather seems to have taken a drastic change all of a sudden. It really feels so Cold and Windy for me but my little girl is all enthusiastic to go to the play-yard everyday and spend her evening there. I prefer to stay inside the home sipping a Hot Cuppa Coffee rather than shiveringly waiting with the other moms for the kids to come home, most of the time i have to drag my little one back home.

Well i have a habit of checking my mails at the same time when i have my Coffee, and my husband dear mailed me a video, and i was really amazed seeing that and loved the way the lunch box was Perfectly Packed. 

 Well, i have not done a random musing yet,  other than the normal food recipes, but after seeing this video i thought i should share it with you guys too.
I loved the video and  Hope you will like it too.

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