Nutella Cold Coffee

I would say this is the most soothing at the same time the Most Addictive drink of all. I am a huge huge fan of Cold Coffee. Back during college days, this was the only drink that i used to have any where , any time and everywhere. I was too much hooked to this. Coming to the US Starbucks Frappuccino was my fav , i can have it in any cold weather. I used to make my version of cold coffee at home. I was so new to Nutella didn't how chocolaty it would be, because i just hate the taste of milk chocolate, being lucky got to taste it from my friend's home , then and there i was HOOKED.  Nutella is now a  home fav, well i'll say totally keeping hubby dear apart, myself and the little one is so in love with Nutella.

When i found this recipe at Jeyashri's Kitchen i just didn't had to think twice to try it out. And now i'm hooked again, i totally feel nostalgic while having this Cuppa Cold Coffee; going back to the good old college days and missing my dear friends. You can find me making this at anytime of the day, may be morning , or lunch , or evening or even night just before going to bed and yeah!!! even during winter seasons :). I guess i can happily make it through out the day too. Well while making this , i really do not go with the measurements , its our taste that matters, i love the coffee flavor to overpower the Nutella, so i adjust accordingly. Do try it out, im sure you will Love this. 

Nutella Cold Coffee

2 cups Milk ( chilled )
3 tbsp Nutella
3 tsp Instant Coffee ( i love the coffee flavor more, you can adjust to your taste )
1 tbsp Sugar ( opt , i did not use it)
2 - 3 ice cubes ( if needed, i used it )

 Blend all the ingredients together in a blender and blend until frothy. Serve in a glass and sprinkle with some coffee powder.
Top it with some whipped cream .

Recipe Source : here


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  2. From where can I buy Nutella? I could not find it near my area. By the way, than you for sharing your recipe. I will try it once I get nutella thing.

    Finn Felton

    1. You can find it in any grocery store. hope you enjoy making your drink as well as having it :)


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