Caramel Custard

     While typing down a post , most of the time i may travel down the memory lane and jot down something that comes to mind while having that certain dish for that matter. Yeah , even this Caramel Custard is one of my brother's and my childhood favorite, apparently i've been talking about we siblings lately. Our parent's family friend Jeeva aunty & fly, she may be referred as Family more than specifying as a family friend. She made some of the best desserts, and every time we visited their home she always had a box of Caramel Custard all ready to be served. As a kid i was so fascinated with the brown layer of the pudding and loved to have that more than the yellow part.

No longer did it take for my dear mom to try this Caramel Custard at home, and since then she at least tried to make it once in a while, and we didn't take so long to dig in it :). Yeah.... good old childhood days,  how i miss being a child, but now i'm growing up again with my kid. I guess every parent gets a second chance to grow up, but its  like, we tend to be PARENTS for most of the times , right?
Well, my little girl was so in love with this... and i'm so happy to make it for her again and again.

Caramel Custard


2 1/2 cups Milk ( i used whole milk )
1/2 cup Sugar
3 Eggs
1 1/2 slice of bread ( powdered in a blender )
1/2 cup sugar  ( i used 3/4 of sugar ) refer Notes


Heat milk in a pan , and set it aside to cool. ( need  to use it while still WARM , NOT hot. )
In a bowl beat together eggs and sugar, slowly pour in the warm milk and mix well.
Lastly add in the powdered bread crumbs and mix well.
In a pan heat sugar on medium heat,  stir continuously until melts and turns caramelized.
Pour it into the ramekins and coat the sides( it will harden quickly ),
Now pour in the pudding mixture into the moulds.
Take a deep Baking tray and place the  filled ramekins inside it and carefully fill the tray with hot water and letting the ramekins JUST immersed.
Bake this in a 350F pre-heated oven for about 30 - 35 mins or until done.

Notes : Here i have used 3/4 cup of Sugar for caramelizing, more the Caramelize more the bitter taste.
1/2 cup is enough it give you the exact taste , but we love the bitter flavor more.


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