Shallots Curry / Ulli Curry THATTUKADA STYLE

     Week day mornings are really becoming hectic for me now ; i need to be well prepared for the breakfast , lunch and a brunch for the little one. Yes , i need to pack lunch for my husband so, its a busy morning everyday, i have be to well prepared ahead of time , or else i'll surely have fumes from my head. In our household ; Cornflakes or be it any of its kind of breakfast ...which we need to pour in milk and have, is a big NO. Yes we did have it for most of our breakfast before that we have reached to a saturation point now that we cant take it any more.  So, i need to make a proper breakfast anyway. It just depends on my daily thinking , may be Dosa , Idli , Pancakes , Sandwiches ....But a hectic morning doesn't mean that i manage every day breakfast ;) , well sometimes a simple curry make the busy breakfast hours turn really special.  A simple , comfort breakfast curry can just be the perfect Combo to fill our tummy, just as this one.

Thattukada or Roadside shops are a common sight back in our home town. These roadside shops mainly focuses on Breakfast / Dinner dishes like Thattu Dosa , Idlis and so on. Well these Pancake shaped dosa's are mostly sided with Coconut Chutney, Ulli Curry , Egg Omelet , Parippu Vada, Pappadum ( fries ) and a Cup of Tea well that surely makes a Complete Thattukada Style Food. I am surely drooling over when i'm typing these down, surely misses home now !!!
So this is just the way my mom makes it with Shallots , usually the shallots used in this curry is crushed and then added into the gravy , and then cooked. I sauteed it as for my taste buds. I hope atleast some of you there who are by now drooling over the Thattukada Food would surely try this out.

Shallots Curry / Ulli Curry THATTUKADA STYLE

15 -20 nos Shallots / Kunjulli
1 1/4 tsp Red Chili Powder ( i used Kashmiri Chili Powder )
1/2 tsp Tamarind Extract
a pinch of Asafoetida
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
1 -2 Dry Red Chili
Salt to taste
Curry leaves

Slice the Shallots into medium size.
Heat oil in a Kadai and pop mustard seeds , red chili and curry leaves.
Add in the Shallots ( do not let it turn mushy ) saute for a minute; add in chili powder and asafoetida.
Pour in 1 - 1 1/2 cups of water ,  add in the tamarind extract and salt to taste.
Let it simmer for a few mins and Serve hot with Dosa or Idli.


  1. wow drooling...nice combo with dosa

  2. there is nothing much in this curry, but by the look of it, looks so delicious, such a quick way to whip up for dosas... love the frothy cup of coffee (i suppose)... do drop by my blog whenever time permits... :)

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  4. This dish looks so yummy and such a simple dish! What a lovely blog you have! Happy to follow you. Do visit my space too!

  5. This is the first time I came across your blog... and I liked it a lot... The recipes are great... do visit my blog sometime...


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