Indo - Chinese Vegetable Noodles

         There are some foods that need very little introduction, and more over that; very minimal time to cook and be set for dinner. Sometimes mom made her very own instant version of noodles, which was the best ever. At home  we all are a great fan of noodles.  I am sure most of us would have a very special love towards  the Indo - Chinese food that still hold a very very special place in our favorite food menu list.

We have noodle / rice noodles at least twice a month for dinner. Its kind of easy for me to make and also enjoy having it with my fav combo - noodles and tomato sauce.My husband being an Egg lover , enjoys his noodle bowl with lots of egg in it. But this certain day , i had no eggs nor chicken to be added in it , and my noodles turned to be a Veggie Noodles, nevertheless it was as tasty , but just missing out some eggiee in it.

Indo - Chinese Vegetable Noodles


200 grams Noodles
1 cup Cabbage ( shredded or sliced thin )
1 Carrot julinned or sliced thin
7 -8 Green Beans julinned or sliced thin
1 stalk Celery ( sliced thin )
1 cup Bell pepper / Capsicum ( i used Green and Red Coloured Peppers )
6 -7 Mushroom ( i didn't have any )
2 Spring Onions ( green and white part separated )

1 Tomato ( sliced )
1 tsp Ginger - Garlic paste
1 Green Chili ( chopped very small , my chili was super spicy so adjust accordingly )

1 -2 tbsp Soy Sauce ( i used low sodium )
1 tsp Hosin sauce
1 tsp Vinegar ( opt )


Boil the noodles as per package instruction or
Boil water in a pot and add 1/2 tsp oil + salt and add in the noodles let it cook until its almost 90% done, drain it and just rinse it in cold water, drain again and set aside.

Heat about 2 - 3 tbsp oil in a Kadai / Wok  on medium - high heat and add in green chili + ginger- garlic paste and tomato, saute until its gets mushy and with a good aroma.
Add in the White part of the spring Onion + Carrots + Green beans  and saute for about 2 mins,  add in the Cabbage + Bell peppers + Celery and saute for 1 min.
Add in the Noodles + Soy sauce + Vinegar + Salt + Pepper and give it a very good toss.
Keep on tossing for another 1 min or so, at last add in the spring onions and Serve hot.

You have to be pretty fast in doing this, do not let the vegetables get too soggy or too much cooked, try with any vegetable you like .


  1. who doesn't love noodles!!! looks really so delicious....

  2. Simple and very tasty too! Love your noodle bowl.


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