Spiced up Shallots

            We are early bird diners , i meant we are done with our dinner almost by 7 o'clock in the evening. So, we rarely get a chance to munch on evening snacks , but when we do its a full fledged ones. On our routine grocery purchase days i usually tend to avoid munchies for us , but just grabs on the little ones share. Adya loves to have something something or the other , but its CAKE first on the demand list.
As its been a while we all three had a evening snack , i was all in for some sweet - spicy taste.
Soft and sweet - Sweet Potatoes served with Spiced up Shallots .

 This has been the best Combo ever known to me , it was the best evening snack to fill your tummy with some hot Tea.
It can be a bit filling at times , but i am sure no one can just stop by tasting just one.
We had big spoons of shallots on the potatoes and loved the burst of flavours, even adya was happily dipping in her spiced shallot and enjoyed her piece !!
These are some of my Grand Ma's special serves , and i adore it the most when made by her.

Spiced up Shallots

10 - 15 Shallots sliced
1 tsp Red chili powder ( adjust accordingly )
2 -3 tbsp Coconut oil

Clean , wash and slice the shallots very thin and put it in a bowl.
Add in chili powder , salt and oil, and mix it well with the back of a spoon or a motar & pestle or just use your clean HANDS , it works best.
Serve with Cooked Sweet Potatoes.

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  1. wow.. with sweet potatoes.....lovely combo
    it will go well with boiled tapioca too :)


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