Vendayka aviyal/ Okra in a dry coarse coconut paste

My hubby dear is really good in selecting fresh Ladies Finger/ Okra, because i usually end up with a mess. The other day he bought me so much of Ladies Finger that i didn't know what to do with the whole batch of them. All of a sudden my mom-in-law came up with her traditional recipe. I swear this is really a great dish. Introduced to me by my mom-in -law, i thought it would taste just like any other ' Vendayka Thoran' but it was different , it tasted really awesome. Now here goes the recipe.


20-25 Ladies Finger (washed and slit vertically and then cut into 1 inch length)
2 big onions sliced
2 tbsp tamarind juice
salt to taste

For the paste:
1 cup grated coconut
1 tbsp chilly powder (can adjust it accordingly)
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp cumin / jeera seeds
3 shallots

For the tadka:
1 tsp mustard seeds
2-3 red chillies
few curry leaves


Wash the Ladies Finger, dry them and slit vertically and then cut into half.
Heat a kadai and saute the ladies finger in the kadai without any oil, untill all the stickiness sticks on to the sides of the kadai.( This would help the dish from being soggy).
Heat oil in another kadai and saute the onions until half done.
Add the dried ladies finger and salt, and cook on a low heat with closed lid for 5mins.
Grind the ingredients for the paste into a coarse form, ( if you want a few drops of water can be used, best avoid it) and add it to the Ladies Finger and stir well.
Add 1 tbsp of oil and cook on a low heat.
For the tadka, heat oil , pop mustard seeds, red chillies, few curry leaves and pour on the dish, you can serve it hot with rice or even with chapathy...happy meal!!!


  1. hii i like all your post how cn you make that????cn you teach or give me an i dea how to make that special food???look yummmy hahaha

  2. Thanks a lot ariane. Happy that you liked my post. Hope you would enjoy making my recipes. Keep visiting. bye.


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