Palappam - Kerala Appam

           Appam is one of the best and one of the traditional breakfast in Kerala. Now a favorite for many outside the state too. Well, writing about Appam, we make it almost every two week once. As a kid i never ate the crispy part but the soft inner appam, and i guess even the little is following me on that.

Well, this Appam is usually reffered as Palappam at home, but we really do not bother to call it as such, we just call this particular Appam and every other Appam recipe  as Appam. There are many varitey of Appams and i do have a few Appam recipes in my kitty Kallappam & Appam - without Coconut . Most of the times i serve my Appam with a proper Kerala style side dish, it would be mostly a Stew but may be a Chicken Curry or a Mutton Curry does take turns.

  I have tried making Appam without adding yeast a couple of times, sometimes it gets well fermented, sometimes it just becomes a disaster. So, now a days without taking any chances i just add yeast and it just works superb.You can see the batter before and after fermentation picture above.I have already shared a few curry recipes that are usually served with Appam : Egg - Potato Stew , Chicken Stew

Palappam - Kerala Appam


2  1/2 cups Raw Rice / Sona Masoori / Basmati / Idly rice ( i usually use sona masoori or Idly rice )
1 cup Grated Coconut
1/2 - 3/4 cup Cooked Rice
Coconut Water / Water

1/2 tsp Yeast
6 tbsp Sugar ( i add a  few more spoons, i like my appam to be sweet )
Salt as needed


Wash and soak the rice in water for 5 -6  hours or overnight.
Grind it to a smooth paste with grated coconut and cooked rice adding water as needed. ( i refrigerate fresh coconut water and use it while grinding , plain water is fine too ).
Once ground transfer it to a large container and mix yeast + sugar + salt, and stir well.
The batter should be a little watery ( be careful not to add to much of water ), cover the container and let it ferment for about 6 hours or until fermented.
Once fermented just mix it , it will be airy, do not over mix it, check for salt and sweetness.
While making appam , just scoop the batter from the top ( i mean the batter with the bubbles ).

Heat your Appam Chatti between high - medium , pour in a ladle of batter into the pan and swirl the pan slowly and close it with a lid for 3 mins , and make appams.
Serve hot with curry of your choice.

Notes - I usually store fresh Coconut water  just after breaking my coconut , and i keep it refrigerated , you can use it within in a week.


  1. I have tasted appam in a friend's house. Loved it. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Will definitely make it sometime.

  2. wow... the appam looks awesome...


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