Kesar Mango Kulfi

             I have never had kulfi while back in India, well i was so picky then that i have not tasted so many dishes or desserts for that matter. But a few years back i got to know what i have been missing all these years just trying to be picky, but lucky me; i tasted a store bought one at my friends house, and then on i started loving it.  I found the ever perfect super easy recipe for a Kulfi. Summer is just brightening each and every day with an ice cream / a falooda and right now its a Kulfi at our home.

I adjusted a few things to make the Kulfi  the way we love it. I have been making this ever since i found this recipe at Show me the Curry, and more over so many friends of mine have tried it too.
And now, i thought i should be posting this on my blog, and what better time would it be , other than a Summer Season.

Right now , little cuppy cake and mommy is having a great ' daughter - mommy ' time just after our lunch , sitting on our couch enjoying our very own Super Easy Home - made  Kulfis !!

Kesar Mango Kulfi
Serves : 20 small plastic cups

2 1/2 cups Mango pulp ( i used the canned one )
14 oz can Sweetened Condensed Milk ( i just used 1/2 can )
12 oz can Evaporated Milk
Saffron 2 pinches
1/2 cup Pistachios ( soaked for 10 mins and skin removed )

8 oz Cool Whip Topping
1 1/2 cup Heavy Whipping Cream


In a blender, blend together Mango pulp + Condensed Milk + Evaporated Milk + Saffron + pistachios  until slight grainy.
Now mix it with whip topping + heavy whipping cream until well combined.
Pour it into plastic cups / moulds / i used dixie style plastic cups , cover the cup with an aluminium foil,  and insert a popsicle stick / wooden skewer in the middle and freeze it until well set.

Notes :  I used Fat Free condensed milk and Fat Free Evaporated Milk.


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