Spicy Tomato - Garlic Chutney

        We are so well packed during weekends, something or the other , we get so engaged with summer activities or may be a potluck party at the park. Yeah , we have so many parents of our friends who are visiting from India. Every single weekend we plan on short trips to any of the near by places.

So coming back to food, little one and myself are fond of chutney, but hubby dear is not so particular in having chutney. I recently visited our dear friend V , and i got to taste this awesome tasting chutney at their place, and i just knew what i was going to do the very next day.
The next day i decided on our dinner menu to be Masala - Dosa , Kerala Style Coconut / Tenga Chammanti and Tomato - Garlic Chutney , and yes we all loved it.

The chutney turned out to be pretty tangy and spicy , the chutney would last for a few days if refrigerated , but ours just got over in 2 days :) Thanks to my friend V's mom for the wonderful recipe.!

Spicy Tomato - Garlic Chutney
Serves : 4

3 Large Tomatoes ( chopped )
8 - 9 Garlic pods
1/2 tsp Red Chili powder ( adjust accordingly )
Salt to taste ( refer Notes* )
Gingely Oil

In a blender, blend together Tomatoes and Garlic until smooth.
Heat about 4 tbsp oil in a Kadai  on medium heat and  pour in the blend mixture, red chili powder mix well ; and let it boil first.
Lower the heat to medium - low ,and add salt , and let it simmer and get reduced , and the oil gets seperated.
You can store it in a glass / plastic container and refrigerate and use.

Notes : Add salt less than what is needed , because the chutney gets reduced in quantity after simmering !!


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