Tindora - Prawns with Coconut and Spices

Getting pretty hectic for sometime is totally keeping me away from my blog, still i try a sneak peak on to whats happening with my blog these days. Yes friends, i am totally getting exhausted at times but still i am enjoying each and every little thing happening around me, and i am so much waiting to share a lot of things with you all, just waiting for me to get back and settled, and i'm sure its going to happen pretty soon too.

So today , its just a simple recipe with Veggies and Seafood combo!! Tindora is my dad's ever favourite veggie, and i still remember him buying loads of them, but even though its bought in huge quantities he has a limit to it too, and explains us kids about the goodness of it.
I saw this recipe in our fortnightly regional language magazine a while ago , and thought of sharing it with you all.
We three loved it with steaming hot rice in the afternoon, and for night with rotis. And i must say , it went well with both rice and rotis.

Tindora - Prawns with Coconut and Spices / Peera


 8 - 10 Tindora / Kovakka ( slit length wise into four )
10 Prawns / Shrimp
1/2 tsp Turmeric

1 cup Grated coconut ( give it once pulse in your mixer )
4 Green Chili ( slit )
1 inch Ginger ( chopped )
1/2 of a Onion ( sliced )
2 piece Gamboge / Kudampuli ( soaked in hot water, cleaned )


Clean and de -vein the prawns, mix it with turmeric , enough salt and boil it adding enough water until half done, and drain and set aside.
In a bowl add in Coconut + Green chili + Ginger + Onion+ Gamboge / Kudampuli and give it a nice crush with your hands or you can use a motar and pestle.

Heat oil in a Kadai and pop mustard seeds , add in Tindora / Kovakka and saute for a min or so.
Add in the prawns + the coconut mixture, sprinkle in some water and cook over low  - medium heat until done.
Serve hot with Rice / Roti.


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