A "Little" happy news to share !!!


Our dearest little one !!

 I was busy baking a sweet little cutie and its been 3 months that we welcomed our newest little munchkin into our family !!! Our darling little baby girl Nila born on April 27 at 4.34pm.
It was totally a roller coaster ride  for me from day one ; but the cutest grins are all worth it. We had tons of things happening in our lives ; we shifted to our new home , my parents visited us and we welcomed our little one too.
      And talking about the new Big Sister; she was all excited as ever ; even before the little ones birth. Adya would voluntarily  talk to people at the billing counter , shopping malls or other parents at the park with expressive eyes all wide open and sharing her most happy news of having a baby sister very soon !!! She has been really sweet and caring to the little one , and above all she really adjusted very well more than what we expected.
Hugging on to my  little girls i know; we are going to have the best memories that are going to last for a lifetime. My blog would surely be on a slow mode but i wish to keep posting on some new recipes thats coming out for our kitchen.

I'll be soon back with a recipe !!! Smiles to all ....


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