Caramelized Ripe Plaintain / Ethappazham Fry

           Ethappazham / Ripe Plaintain are always something very nostalgic to me. As a kid i was seen as the thinnest girl , and each and every aunties who met my Amma would suggest her many a ways to make me get atleast eat something and gain weight. Its now that being a parent i realize how hard it was on her to get me to put a bit of flesh !!! But never did something like that happen then, but now its not at all that way any more. ;)

Well talking about this particular recipe , this was one of the method suggested to my mom to help me put on some weight , i loved eating it , but nothing magical happened with my weight number. So its kind of nostalgically connected with me ;) . Now even after years of gaining more weight , i still love to have this not with the mind set of  gaining anymore of the weight , but for the taste.
Even my little darling she is a huge fan of this Ethapazham Fry. 
I usually burn my bananas and so the Caramelized taste , and we all love it.

Caramelized Ripe Plaintain / Ethappazham Fry


1 Ripe Plaintain / Ethappazham ( cut in rounds )
1 -2 tbsp of Ghee ( or even more during the frying )
Sugar to sprinkle


Heat ghee in a pan and fry the bananas on both the sides on medium to high heat.
 Until the bananas turn  golden brown or even darker,  ( i usually add in a extra spoon on ghee while frying for that extra taste ).
Once done, transfer on to a serving plate drizzle a tsp of ghee on top and sprinkle sugar while still hot, and serve.

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