ButterScotch Ice Cream - No Machine !!

                  On and off summer really takes it toll on us. At times its really hot and gets hard  even to go out  in the afternoons so, something cold is the only option to keep us cool. Its rare that we buy ice creams from the store , actually i still love the ice creams we get back in India , the flavor is so different from here ; be it  even a simple Vanilla Ice Cream.
This time when my parents planned on a visit here i asked them for a bottle of  Butterscotch Essence back from India. So, i have been making this for so many times from then on. I tried omitting Butterscotch essence and adding in Vanilla Essence and a tiny pinch of orange colour and it almost tasted and looked the same too.

My mom being a great fan of Butter Scotch Ice cream , i'm happy to serve her the same flavor here too. Its great to cool off ourselves with this super easy Ice cream.
Im trying to keep my blog live with giving in sneak peeks in between ...hopefully !!!
 Anyway enjoy your summer peeps !!

ButterScotch Ice Cream - No Machine !!

Ingredients :
 2 cups Heavy Whipping Cream
1/2 cup Sugar
1 tsp Butterscotch Essence / Vanilla Essence
1/2 cup Milk
a tiny pinch of orange colour ( optional , only if you need the exact color of butterscotch )

For the praline :
1/2 cup Sugar
a hand full of roughly chopped Cashews


For the Praline : Prepare a tray by lining parchment paper or spread 2 drops of ghee on to a steel plate and set aside.
Heat a pan on medium and add sugar ; let it melt.
Stir until it turns golden brown , add in the nuts and stir.
Transfer it on to the prepared tray / plate  and spread out .
Let it cool completely and get hard. Break it down roughly using a mortar and pestle.

For the Ice Cream:
Beat whipping cream , sugar  and butterscotch essence together until soft peaks form.
Add in milk and  the prepared praline ( reserve some for garnishing ) and stir in well.
Transfer it into a freezer safe or a glass container and freeze for an hour or more ; take it out and whip the ice cream for a min and freeze again. ( i froze mine overnight )
Scoop out into a serving bowl and garnish some of the praline on top.


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