White Coconut Chutney / VellaThenga Chammanthi

                I am happy that i am back and trying a sneak peak into my blog baby after so long. Many a things are happening around me , excitement - happiness - a bit of stress - so many emotions and so much. Anyway , i do not guarantee a full fledged blogging in here for sometime , but i surely would not want to abandon my blog.
So , back to the recipe , it is a " usual or may be a staple " chutney amma made for most of the times to accompany papa's ever favorite breakfast dish " Idli ". Either a Red Coconut Chutney or  a White Coconut Chutney and even the Dry Coconut Chutney , but myself and my brother were never fond of these , until i came here to the US. Its usually called as " Vella Chammanthi / White Chutney "at home , and now i totally devour the taste of this chutney.

         This chutney is usually made with just Coconut - and Curd as the main ingredient , amma totally avoids adding roasted gram / pottu kadala , but i just added for a slight thickness , because my curd wasn't so thick you can totally avoid it or use it as per your wish.
This chutney goes very well with Idli , Dosa , Ada Dosa , Tapioca Adai Dosa etc.

White Coconut Chutney /  VellaThenga Chammanthi

Ingredients :

1 cup Grated Coconut
1 -2 tbsp Pottu Kadala / Roasted gram ( optional )
1/2 cup Thick Curd
1 1 /2 Green chili
1 inch piece Ginger
a small pinch of Tamarind
salt to taste


Grind all the ingredients together to a smooth paste, adding just enough water as needed to make it to a smooth paste , but not watery.
Heat oil in a Kadai and pop mustard  and curry leaves, and add in the ground chutney and just heat it in a low heat, do not boil the chutney.
Transfer into a serving bowl and serve.


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