Simple Vegetable Rice

My little cupcake has started school and week days are so well packed for us, but it isn't worse though. Her first day of school gave such an excitement to the whole family ; we were enjoying each and every part of it. It reminded us of our school days. Everything was new, dress to bags to pencil boxes , mostly every single thing. back in India every tailoring shops would be super busy stitching uniforms , and every shop would be so crowded with kids and parents

Well, this Vegetable Rice has a special place in for me , one of my cousin sister , luckily she stayed so near by our home ; well  she isn't much into cooking but there are a few of her staple dishes that i love , and one of that being her super easy vegetable rice.  Its best to be had right out from the hot pot.

The recipe is simple as well as the ingredients , but the aroma of this rice is so good, that i just finish it off without any curry. I love you so much for all those hot steel dabbas filled with super yum rice.

Simple Vegetable Rice

Ingredients :

1.5 cup Basmati Rice ( washed and soaked for 15 - 20 mins )
1/2 cup diced / chopped  Carrots and Beans
1/4 Green Peas ( i used frozen )
2 tbsp Ghee

2 -3 Cardamom crushed
1 inch Cinnamon stick
2 -3 Cloves


Heat ghee / oil in a pressure cooker and add in the whole spices.
Add in the veggies and toss in for about 5min.
Drain rice and add in to the pressure cooker; mix well with the veggies and fry in for a min.
Pour in 2 cups of warm water and let the rice get boiled and about just cooked .
Close the cooker lid and reduce the heat to low - medium and cook for about 15 min.
Open once cooled and serve with any curry of your choice ,i served mine with  Kerala Nadan Chicken Curry , but i have a few more non - veg recipes which goes well with this rice.


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