Orange Cake Slice

Baking a cake from scratch was something i yearned for long. Amma used to make the yummiest Vanilla Cake ever with tutty fruity, and she would allow no one to touch her precious oven :) ; she bakes the best cakes ever. But for me baking was something i would have least tried. But, everything changed when i got married and came to US, i was happy to find i was interested in cooking  and more happy to bake cake in the most easiest manner through a store bought pack.
              That's when i met my friend  ' D ' who's cakes were pretty famous among our friends, she told me that she attended baking classes, and also owns a Hand Mixer ( which i thought only a Pro would own one ) and if i wished she could help me; and  just as i was wanted. She was very happy and kind enough to lend me her Mixer, but she couldn't make it on the day we planned for the  "Cake mission ". Excited & wanting  for the D day to happen , i  couldn't help waiting any longer, and went ahead alone for the mission, following her instructions blindly. Beating the sugar and eggs went good,  now for a beginner i should have Googled at least once, but went ahead and a few sec; i had my kitchen covered with flour.
               This is one yummy Orange Flavoured Cake with  a fruit filling and i'm pretty happy with the output,  the cake was soft and moist with the filling complementing the cake very well.

Orange Cake Slice

4 Eggs at room temperature ( yolks & white separated )
3/4 cup All Purpose flour
3/4 cup Sugar
1 tbsp Cornflour
1 tsp Baking powder
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
2 tbsp Milk
1/4 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Orange zest

For the filling:
3/4 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
2 tbsp Sugar
1 cup Fruits ( i used Cuties Oranges, Strawberry & Green Grapes )


  • Pre-heat the oven to 350F and line a 9 x 12 inch Swiss roll tin.
  • Whisk together Flour, Cornflour & Baking powder.
  • Beat together egg yolks and sugar until creamy, for about 5 min.
  • Add in vanilla, orange zest,   flour mixture and beat, adding milk in between , until smooth.
  • Whip the egg whites with salt until soft peaks form, fold in to the batter very gently.
  • Pour into the prepared tray and bake for 15 min, or until spongy on top.
  • Turn over the cake to a parchment paper sprinkled with sugar, let it cool.
  •  Whip the Cream with sugar, and fold in the fruits.
  • Cut the cake in half, spread the filling on one half, and place the other half on top.
  • Decorate with fruits and Chocolate drizzle.


  1. Lovely Lovely Dear..A nice Orange cake Slice . Looks so tempting !!!

  2. A very beautiful cake. Love how you garnish it.

  3. mouthwatering presentation, so tempting!!!

  4. Idea of using the Zest has always attracted me, i tried making orange cookies like that but didn't work out :(
    But this looks achievable and tempting :)

  5. wow just awesome I am totally in love with the water you have heavenly coated the chocolate syrup on top yummmm.


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