Mango - Mint Cooler

               Summer is getting hotter day by day , and we are just gulping down every drop of liquid possible. I feel the summer gets hottest during the weekends, and weekdays are kind of adjustable.
Nowadays we have started our new way of drinking up our fruits , yes , we are enjoying are frozen fruit smoothies most of the time possible.

Yes fruits are getting over in no time now a days. Even our little lady who is not so found of fruits, is extremely happy in enjoying her Frozen Drink. She loves Jamba Juice , and finishes of her drink happily , i wished she had the same happiness in finishing her evening cup of Milk. I have such a hard time to make her drink it all. But when it comes to this special Home -made Frozen Fruit Smoothie , its all happiness !!!

This is a Pinterest inspired drink that i got to try recently and we enjoyed the whole jug within minutes. This drink also seems to work perfect for Summer Birthday Parties at Parks. The Mint - Sugar Syrup recipe was from here.

Mango - Mint Cooler


2 cups of Mango Pulp ( chilled ) ( naked brand Mango Smoothie drink works fine )
3 - 4 cups of Sparkling Water / Unflavored Soda ( chilled )
1/2 of a Lemon ( squeezed  & strained )
2 tbsp Sugar
Mint Leaves ( use more as needed )


In a sauce pan boil together 3/4 cup of Water +  7- 8 mint leaves torn + 2 tbsp Sugar , boil until the sugar dissolves , let it boil for a few more mins, strain it and let it cool , refrigerate until used.

In a jug, mix together Mango Pulp + Lemon + Mint Syrup and pour in the chilled sparkling water , and serve cold.

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  1. oh... this sounds really interesting... refreshing drink...


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