Kerala Olan - Kerala Onam Sadhya Special

Happy Onam everyone!! Just wanted to give you all a virtual treat for this Onam and make wish you a very happy and special day. I have few other Kerala Sadhya treats in here:

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2.Inji Pachidi / Ginger Pickle
3.Parippu Curry / Moong Dal Curry
4.Pumkin & Red gram Curry / Mathan Payar Erissery
5.Pineapple Pulissery / Pineapple Yogurt Gravy
6. Spiced ButterMilk / Morum Vellam / Sambharam

Kerala Olan  -  Onam Sadhya Special

 2 cups Ashgourd  cubed ( Kumbalanga)
1/2 cups Red Gram Beans  ( cooked )
2 Green Chilies ( slit )
1 cup Coconut milk ( thick )
Salt to taste
Curry leaves

Soak Red gram beans for 4 - 5 hrs and cook, strain water and set aside.
Boil Ashgourd and green chili adding salt until tender and cooked.
Add in the red gram and mix well, pour in coconut milk and add curry leaves.
Check for salt and let it cook on low heat for about 5mins.
Add water if needed and check on salt.


  1. Very new recipe to me. Comforting and flavourful ash gourd curry.

    today's post:

  2. that's a really simple recipe... thanks for sharing...

  3. very simple and delicious, Happy Onam to you and ur family...

  4. That's so good and healthy recipe..

  5. looks so marvelous!!!Loved the flavors :)


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