Roasted Red Chili Rasam

My little princess has started pre-school ; as any other mom i too was excited , terrified, horrified , scared and even i had butterflies fluttering in my tummy. The day before the D -day i was all keen in making Adya understand that she's going to have a great day at school with new friends , toys and more fun.  It was like, i never ever felt all these emotions on a single day just for a few instances re-winded back to school day exam days now im sure someone would side me on that.
 So on the D-day morning i was all set with a new dress, a pair of new shoes, bags etc for little princess, and both of us set off happily for the SCHOOL, i talked to the teacher said bubbye to little one....but she was all set into the new world and i was upset; tears almost filled my eyes; my little girl she never said bye on her first day at school nor she cared to turn and look back at me. While coming back i felt all alone... back at home i felt a void and hated it....i felt like crying. Our little ones grows so fast we just need to know that they are growing , and i guess we parents we need to enjoy each and every single moment of there childhood. 

And now apart from stories this pure bliss of a recipe is one from your grandmother, and  Rasam / Spiced Tamarind Soup . Its after all these years that i  yearned so many times for my Ammama's ( my Grand mother / Mom's mother ) special Rasam. I just dont't remember any such instance of her making this kind of Rasam, but now this is the rasam for us; Just the perfect one for those heavy Winter Seasons, a day with Running nose or a flu, or just even a simple Lazy Day. A very  simple Rasam, a very Tangy one with not much ingredients of a usual recipe and really easy to put together  , we love it with Rice and some scrambled eggs on a very very Lazy day or if you are on the next level to cook something special then even go for the Unakka Chemmen Roast/ Chemeen Karuvadu / Dry shrimp Roast.

Roasted Red Chili Rasam 
Recipe Source: Ammama

1 1/2 lemon sized Tamarind
4 Dry Red Chilies
4 -5 Shallots ( sliced)
1/4 tsp Turmeric  Powder
Oil ( preferably ) Coconut Oil

 Soak tamarind in warm water for 15 mins and extract juice and discard the pulp.Add 2 cups Water to it and set aside.
Heat oil in a kadai and roast the chillies,and set aside ; crush it coarsely with a motar and pestle ( let it have big and small pieces).
In the same pan saute the shallots until tender, set aside and also give it  JUST a crush ( do not cursh it too much).
In the same pan, heat oil and splutter mustard following curry leaves, add in the crushed Chilies and shallots.
Add in turmeric powder , salt and pour in the Tamarind water, cook till on low heat until lightly foamy.
Serve hot with rice and Dry Prawns Roast


  1. wow this is awesome and beautiful pic and presentation.....

  2. Wow!!! So tempting n soothing...

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